B R E A K F A S T ; featuring almond chocolate milk

breakfast, smoothie


Probably the best tasting smoothie I’ve made yet… with only 4 ingredients! Yep, it’s so easy you could make this in your sleep (although I don’t recommend stumbling around your kitchen collecting ingredients or trying to use a blender with your eyes closed lol). Before I dive into the rest of this post, here are the ingredients for this deliciousness of a smoothie:

Strawbana Choco Smoothie

  • 2 Tablespoons of Liberte 0% plain Greek yogurt (don’t be shy with this… it has tons of protein)
  • 1.5-2 Cups of Almond Fresh Chocolate Milk
  • 1 Big Banana
  • A handful of FRESH or FROZEN strawberries (these are honestly the reason this smoothie tastes so bombdiggity… just think chocolate covered strawberries… need I say more?)

Since hitting the gym this past December, I’ve tried to incorporate milk into almost every meal throughout the day (what I really mean is that I actually STARTED drinking milk lol). As a result, I’ve noticed a tremendous difference in my body, skin complexion and overall energy level. For those who don’t necessarily favour the taste of milk (like myself), Almond Fresh Chocolate Milk will change the milk game for you. Its so smooth, creamy, chocolaty and obviously good for you, I’m sure you’ll end up drinking this sh*t with everything! (Mmmmm Franks Red Hot Sauce) My Special K Protein cereal has chocolate milk in it too… topped off with Liberte Greek yogurt (strawberry and seeds flavour) for more protein and some sweetness… kind of like a parfait.


GOT ‘almond fresh chocolate’ MILK?!


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