B R U N C H I N G ; quick tweaks to last night’s dinner

brunch, smoothie


Today’s smoothie was slightly different than yesterday’s due to the fact that I had very little plain Greek yogurt and very few frozen strawberries to add to the mix. Since I only had 1 tablespoon of plain Greek yogurt, I decided to add a Liberte Greek Seeds and Fruit Yogurt cup (150g) as well. The difference was a creamier texture minus the random seeds that weren’t chopped up in the Magic Bullet (cant complain, they were a nice crunchy surprise). These smoothies are a great source of protein, from the bananas to the Greek yogurt, therefore they’re perfect for pre/post workouts or just simply because they’re healthy and taste delicious.


As I mentioned in yesterday’s post workout dinner post… boiled eggs for the win! But seriously, boiled eggs are an easy, super nutritious and yummy alternative for fish or chicken as a source of protein (and can make any regular salad that much more bombdiggity).


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