P O S T W O R K O U T D I N N E R ; kale salad & basa fillets

dinner, post workout


There’s nothing like some of my favourite salad and fish after an intense workout last night (I wanted to post this when I got home, but I was so hungry and ready for bed it had to wait lol).

My post workout dinner was super simple… a bed of kale coleslaw salad (consists of kale, cabbage, sprouts, dried cranberries, pumpkin seeds, and poppyseed salad dressing… nomnomnom) and lightly seasoned basa fillets for protein. These yummy fish are pretty darn good for you… low calories, rich in protein, pretty high omega 3 percentage, no carbs and low sodium, but they are high in fat so becareful. The fillets were cooked with little olive oil and light seasoning to keep it healthy.

If you’re not much of a seafood lover, try replacing fish with another protein like a chicken breast or maybe even a boiled egg (these bad boys are a great way to sneak protein into your diet, provide good fats to your body, stack some important vitamins and go perfectly with a salad).


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