S M O O T H I E x 3 ; featuring protein cereal

breakfast, smoothie


So I’ve decided that each week, I will be sharing a signature smoothie mix with you lovelies and throughout the week simply substitute or add different ingredients in order to keep things new, fresh and exciting. It’s crazy how the same smoothie can taste so entirely different by changing one ingredient… it’s mind-blasting! *brown accent*

Moving alonggggggg…

Almond Fresh Chocolate Milk Smoothie No.3 for this week has 1 new ingredient… I really loved the texture (crunchiness) of the seeds from the Greek yogurt yesterday, so I figured, why not try some Special K Protein cereal! This protein packed smoothie is literally killing two birds with one stone by incorporating the cereal, but it’s definitely not a full serving. Some other alternatives to the Special K Protein cereal are Cherrios or Corn Flakes (I’d go with Cherrios over the Flakes since they’re healthier and generally people enjoy them more… atleast I think they do lol).

Note: This image was taken before the chocolate milk was added, but there was indeed chocolate milk in this magical tasting smoothie = )


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