D I N N E R ; homemade by Chef Saloojee

dinner, salmon


Last Thursday’s home cooked dinner was prepared and served by my beautiful cousin Nadia. Such a lovely night spent with some gorgeous women – dinner, art, dessert and a little dancing to burn off some of the food crimes we committed. Everything in moderation will never do you wrong, but treating yourself occasionally is a perfect way to justify the yummy dessert at the end of a meal on a Thursday night.

Dinner was a great combination of salmon and veges, more specifically asparagus and butternut squash. With only mild seasoning needed, this would also make for a pretty sweet lunch option, whether it be for work or home. Salmon is one of my favourite fish to eat (anyone who knows me also knows that this isn’t much of a surprise since sushi is probably my favourite food) and it has an abundance of nutritional value. There are so many ways to prepare salmon and even more sides to combine it with… it’s almost impossible to get bored of this awesome source of protein.

*For the full recipe, feel free to shoot me an email… I’m sure Chef Saloojee would be more than happy to share*



I guess I can’t utter the words ‘yummy dessert’ and not show you all a picture of it… Dessert was from Cibo downtown Toronto on King West. After keeping to a healthy diet and exercising daily for the past few months, this sweet treat tasted even better than I could have imagined.



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