B R E A K F A S T ; mini toast toppings

breakfast, mini toast


Sometimes my body can’t handle a heavy breakfast, especially if I had a big meal the night before, not to mention any snacks I may have eaten as well. Mini toast is a simple and creative way to eat a light breakfast. These Melba toast are really thin, extra crunchy and are sold in packs that can easily be taken to-go if you’re looking for a light snack throughout your day. Containing 60% whole wheat, these babies are a great source of fibre and iron, are really low in fat and have 0% cholesterol – allowing them to serve as a great base for creative toppings!


Hummus, when used sparingly, is a healthier alternative to cream cheese. Spreading a thin layer of the roasted red pepper hummus softens the toast just enough to allow you to bite into it, but still has a bit of crunch. Too much of any spread on these mini Melba toast would over power them… so spread carefully lol…


Finally, thinly sliced fresh avocados and grape tomatoes top off the mini toast…

You know… before the hummus, I was actually going to mash the avocado into a paste, add diced yellow peppers and spread that onto the toast, but I quickly changed my mind once I realized we were out of yellow peppers LOL so hummus it was. Anyway, the avocado and tomato toppings worked out fabulously… oh and if you’re wondering if that’s black pepper sprinkled on top… you betcha it is!



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