B R U N C H ; sweet & savoury

bagel, brunch, fruit, mini toast


As much as I love eating food, I’m also one who appreciates the art of presenting it. The gorgeous colours that each element adds to the full canvas is simply breathtaking to me… and healthy/nutritious foods, although some would say are boring, I find to be the most stunning, visually speaking. Finding beauty in everything around us is easy… it’s just a matter of opening our eyes and minds.

Getting back on track lol… Today’s brunch consisted of the same ingredients as yesterday’s mini toast, but were prepared in a slightly different way.


It’s amazing how many different ways avocados can be consumed… in yesterday’s post, I mentioned that I thought about creating an avocado paste… well here I did just that (it’s mixed with a pinch of black pepper for added flavour). Grape tomatoes make for delicious toppings on almost everything… the avocados and tomatoes work really well together as a flavour combination… definitely a must try!


For the other half of my bagel, I decided to change things up by adding the roasted red pepper hummus as a spread, topped with a sliced garlic pickle. Jalapenos also work well as toppings if you’re not much of a pickle lover… or even cucumbers.


Who said you couldn’t have dessert after breakfast or brunch?! Peanut butter is an awesome source of protein, but can be very fattening, so a thin spread of it on mini toast is a good way to go for an early meal. Apples are my favourite fruit to pair with peanut butter… the sweet and salty combination makes for one hell of a party in your mouth… plus the mini toast adds some extra crunch and balances out the bold flavours. This sweet treat kinda reminds me of the apple crumble smoothie I made a while back (Mmmm so good!)


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