S M O O T H I E ; kiwi kicker

fruit, smoothie


Smoothie time! So my favourite juice brand at the moment is OASIS – if you haven’t heard of them… check it out, you can find it in any grocery store. They make the best juices, smoothie juice, etc. Recently they introduced 3 new flavours… one was a chocolate banana (which tastes really bomb), the other was a sunshine blend which I believe is a mix of citrus flavours (but this one is even healthier than the others… awesome!!) and the last is a green smoothie blend (mix of kiwi, banana and mango). I have to admit, I’m not a HUGE fan of the green blend by OASIS, but hey, our taste buds are bound to disagree with some things. However, I really loved the combination of fruits they had incorporated in the green smoothie… so naturally I decided to try my own version!

The above picture clearly shows just how fruit packed my smoothies usually are… the 3 fruits (mango, banana and kiwi) topped with 0% Plain Greek Yogurt and finished off with skim milk to make it drinkable.


As a little something extra, I added a few whole grapes into the already blended smoothie – the grapes gave this already fruitful smoothie a nice kick (hence the name, kiwi kicker).

So… if you haven’t already tried OASIS fruit juices and smoothies… get on the bandwagon… your taste buds will thank you for it. You can even replace the milk with the juice blends if you wish to… depending on the mix of ingredients in your smoothie, choose a complimentary juice to use as a thinner.

Happy Smoothie Making!



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