B R E A K F A S T ; smoothie & dip bowl

breakfast, dip, smoothie



Today was a lazy morning for me… I didn’t want to put much thought into breakfast, but needed a filling fix to jump start my day. Making something was not an option, so the next best thing was a dip bowl full of some of my favourite foods. Greek yogurt would have been my first option as the dip, but instead I made a smoothie that had Greek yogurt in the mix (keep reading to check out today’s smoothie of the day). Dip bowls are also great for lunch at work, as a party dish, or even a mid-day snack.

As you may have noticed… many of these yummy elements have been featured in my previous posts; it’s so important to find nutritious foods that you love and are able to incorporate into meals throughout your day while preparing them in various ways to keep your foods exciting. My dip bowl was packed with fresh baby carrots, sliced cucumber, diced marble cheese, grape tomatoes and roasted red pepper hummus.

So… What’s in your bowl?!


#SmoothieOfTheDay – Mango Fusion Smoothie


Today’s Mango Fusion Smoothie was so thick and flavourful, I had no choice but to scoop it with a spoon. A blend of frozen mango chunks and strawberries, plain Greek yogurt and OASIS Sunshine Blend Fruit Juice made for one heck of a nutritious breakfast smoothie. Full of protein and natural sugar, not to mention super easy to make, it was exactly what I needed to start my day.



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