B I R T H D A Y M E A L S ; showtime & ichiban

birthday, cake, dinner, post workout, rock climbing, sushi


My 26th birthday weekend was by far the most amazing yet – there’s nothing quite like a pre-birthday workout, especially when that workout involves hours of rock climbing! Our climbing crew consisted of my mom, older brother, sister-in-law, mom-in-law and myself. You know what they say… A family that works out together, stays healthy much longer… or something like that LOL

The above picture was taken at True North Climbing, located in the Downsview area. It’s unreal how physically and mentally challenging this sport can be; you’re literally using your entire body at different stages during your time on the walls… by the end of the day your arms and legs feel like jello and your hand grip no longer exists haha but it is so worth it! So, if you’re looking for a full body workout, challenge yourself to the walls… you’ll definitely be feeling it the next day.

*Warning ; Rock Climbing is Highly Addictive*



You can’t begin to imagine how hungry we were after hours of climbing… my brother picked our post workout dinner spot… Showtime, located in Markham. The marketing enthusiast in me was thoroughly impressed by this restaurant and their strong branding. Almost everything reflected the movie theatre theme which obviously enhanced the overall experience. I’m sure you can tell by the above pictures that we didn’t necessarily consider the nutritional value in the dishes we ate lol; it was literally about satisfying our hunger at that point… but also just enjoying our dinner together.

I would definitely recommend this food joint if you’re looking for a reasonably priced, western style, fancy fast-food place. Also, make sure to try the Jerk Chicken Poutine… pre-workout is highly recommended as well = )


Just wanted to give a quick shout out to one of my close friends, Zaibii, for getting me this super delicious truffle cake, but most importantly for sitting on it LOL I wouldn’t have expected anything less from you, so thank you ❤

I most definitely cheated A LOT during my birthday weekend (I ate 90% of this cake LOL)… but I made the decision to do so because I know how hard I’ve been working to stay healthy and I know just how hard I will continue to eat healthy and stay active. Motivation, determination and commitment are key when you’re working towards health goals, but also life goals. So, as much as I enjoyed cheating this past weekend, I definitely can’t do more than a weekend of cheat foods.



A birthday weekend isn’t complete without a sushi throw-down… a huge shout out goes to my incredible older brother, Azhar, not only for the fabulous shuuuuuuushi, but for being my incredible older brother. Ever since he’s been engaged, he knows every food spot in and around Toronto… he may need to slow down a bit before the big day though lol! A relatively new sushi spot, Ichiban, opened at Pharmacy and Ellesmere which is where we ended up going for dinner. Probably the BEST sushi I’ve eaten in Toronto yet… for all you sushi lovers, please invite me to join you if you decide to try this place… I’m SO DOWN (oh and it’s literally down the street from me lol)

*Cousin Fatties ; this needs to be the next cousin fat night!*


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