B R E A K F A S T ; chocolate banana protein

bananas, breakfast, cereal


After a hectic birthday weekend in terms of the food that I ate, I was in need of a nutritionally packed breakfast to get back on track.

My Monday morning cereal did just the trick… with Special K Protein cereal, Almond Fresh chocolate milk and a sliced banana, I felt rejuvenated and ready to tackle the upcoming month of March. This cereal is another example of what happens when I mix some of my favourite healthy foods together…

Ever since I started drinking Almond Fresh chocolate milk, I haven’t been able to put regular milk in my cereal because the chocolate milk just tastes so damn good lol! There is absolutely no need for added sugar, but if you are looking for additional sweetness, try adding a sliced banana like I did here. Fruit’s natural sugar is always a healthier alternative than processed sugar or sweetener.


Spices are a genius way to add unexpected flavour to your meals. I almost always sprinkle some kind of spice, herb or seasoning on top of a meal…and this breakfast was no exception. As an added kick, I sprinkled pumpkin spice seasoning on the bananas after slicing them… the aroma of the bananas and spice alone were mouth watering. It felt unbelievably great to start my 26th year with a clean meal, knowing there will be many more to follow.



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