D I N N E R ; steak & kale

dinner, kale, steak


Eating clean means A LOT of protein for me… especially meat. It may be a little scary how much I enjoy and appreciate a delicious piece of steak, but I really can’t help myself.

Tonight’s dinner sat on a bed of long grain white rice (brown rice is definitely the healthier option, but once in a while it’s okay to make an exception); a thin cut steak topped with cooked kale made for an exceptionally tasty meal. This would be my ideal post workout meal, substituting the white rice for brown rice, salad, or steamed mixed veges. It would also make for a hearty lunch, whether it be for work or home.


I’ve been incorporating a lot more kale into my meals since I started eating clean… kale salad is by far my favourite way to eat this darling superfood, but cooked kale goes really well with meat dishes. I like to think of cooked kale as a garnish, adding a contrasting flavour to the meat’s taste while also adding beautiful embellishments to it’s colour.



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