Yours Truly, Azzy Petite

~ petite fat kid at heart turning the struggle of eating clean into a yummy and creative experience for herself and all those food lovers who know the feeling… oh and throwing in some healthy lifestyle tips couldn’t hurt too  ~

I’ve always been an active individual… ever since I can remember, sports were a huge part of my life. I played everything from volleyball, soccer, basketball, football, ping pong, cricket, dodgeball and even ran track until my junior high school days. Since working part time, schooling and now working full time, I’ve neglected my body for several years by putting exercise on the back-burner. One of the best decisions I made in 2015 was to join the gym… it hasn’t been that long (December 2015) since I started, but the unbelievable changes I’ve seen, felt and continue to experience are so reassuring and rewarding. I know what you’re all thinking… ‘but I don’t have the time…’ and ‘who’s going to take care of the kids?’ (okay maybe not that one yet, but all of you getting married will probably be using this excuse pretty soon). Believe you me… incorporating exercise into your weekly routine will not only give you more energy throughout your day, but you WILL FEEL the incredible difference in your body.


In my opinion, eating clean is all about being creative. As a true fat kid at heart, it’s been a struggle for me to adjust to new eating habits – however, I’ve come to realize that many of the foods I love have ingredients that are super healthy, provide great nutritional value or can simply be prepared differently. As a result, one of my goals has been to incorporate some of the yummy things I love so dearly into my clean meals. Also, I make mean smoothies! Hope ya’ll enjoy = )

Processed with VSCO with x1 preset

Processed with VSCO with x1 preset


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