B R U N C H ; sunny side up

brunch, dip, rye bread, sunny side up eggs


Nothing like some sunny side up eggs for brunch on a snow filled Wednesday morning NomNomNomNom

Probably my favourite kind of egg… sunny side ups are easy to make and taste great with fresh bread. Today, I decided to have my eggs poached on top of the rye bread slices; sprinkling ground black pepper and Italian herbs for garnish. They’re quick and easy to eat with your hands or if you’re feeling classy, a knife and fork works too lol


As a side, I chose to slice a garlic pickle and also set some roasted red pepper hummus in a bowl to use as a dip. All of the flavours combined were delicious… and definitely satisfying. Eggs are a great source of protein and are an excellent way to provide your body with the necessary nutrients it needs to start your day. Try incorporating eggs into your breakfast in anyway you enjoy most and you’ll notice a huge difference both mentally and physically.



B R U N C H ; soup satisfaction

brunch, fruit, rye bread, smoothie, soup

2016-02-11 11.55.28 1

I came down with the flu for a few days in the past 2 weeks and craved my mom’s chicken and corn soup – honestly, I could live off this deliciously satisfying soup for days on end. Anyways, while I was sick, I did exactly that haha – breakfast, brunch, lunch, dinner! This was a really fulfilling brunch on one of those sick days… it’s really important to feed your body as much nutrients as possible when you’re sick in order to build up your immune system. Natural sugars from fruit are also a perfect way to provide your body with energy when you may not feel as perky as your usual self.


If you’d like the full recipe of this hearty chicken and corn soup, shoot me an email and I’d me more than happy to pass it along (chicken and corn are obviously 2 major ingredients, that’s as much as I know though lol). Spicy food helps open up the sinuses, so obviously I added some Frank’s Red Hot Buffalo Wing Sauce and chili flakes to the mix.

2016-02-11 11.56.11 1-1

I usually have soup by itself (I’m not much of a bread with soup kinda gal), but I needed to make sure my belly was full and my body was getting back on track. Whole grain rye bread is a healthier choice than white – I don’t remember the last time my family had white bread in our house, but I don’t miss it one bit.

Um… so… I have a small confession about this picture… I didn’t actually eat all 3 slices of bread LOL… after 2 slices I had enough and just wanted the soup hehe = )


And to top it all off… this strawberry and banana smoothie was like dessert after a satisfying meal… rich, creamy and so light.