S N A C K I N G ; banana bread

bagel, bananas, snack


Yesterday afternoon, while watching Mr Bean’s Holiday at home, I had a sudden craving for something sweet (obviously I gave in to this craving lol). I walked into my kitchen and stood there wondering what to eat (having bought groceries earlier definitely helped with my options). Bananas are usually my go-to food for something sweet, but I’m sure you know by now how much I love mixing things up… adding a bagel with my banana reminded me of my love for banana bread. I used to eat Starbuck’s Banana Loaf almost everyday while in college… I don’t even want to think about how terrible that was for my body, but I do remember how amazing it tastes *droooool*

So ofcourse, I’m half way through a movie and don’t have time to MAKE banana bread so the next best thing is to slice a banana on a lightly toasted 100% whole wheat bagel. I also smeared a LIGHT layer of margarine on the toasted bagel to add to the texture and for a slight hint of flavour. This quick and easy banana loaf would also be great as a breakfast sandwich or grab and go snack while out of the house.

P.S. For all you Bean fiends, I would highly recommend Mr Bean’s Holiday… HILARIOUS movie = )




S M O O T H I E ; verry berry

breakfast, fruit, greek yogurt, smoothie


Staying true to eating clean and healthy can be hard when you have a full time job as well as other responsibilities to take care of during the week. I can tell you from my own experience that it does take time to plan and prep, but that is why being healthy is a lifestyle… small changes (or big ones) to your daily routine can help make eating clean a part of your life rather than feeling like a chore.

Something as simple as sleeping earlier in order to gain a solid 7-8 hours of sleep will help keep you energized for the next day and even allow you to wake up earlier and prep your meal for the day. Eating breakfast is another huge change for me – after only a week of consistent big breakfasts, I noticed that I was more productive, attentive and energetic than I had been without my morning meals. Think about it… for almost 8 hours you haven’t eaten… and you expect to start your day at 100% without feeding your body? No ooooooooo way LOL (that is honestly the most simple way I could put it… seems silly right?!)¬†Anyways, I’ll get back to yesterday’s breakfast smoothie haha… BUT I really do encourage you to consider incorporating the above small changes into your day = )

Yesterday’s Verry Berry Smoothie was so delicious I made it 3 days in a row this week. A mix of frozen berries (blackberries, strawberries, blueberries and raspberries), obviously plain Greek yogurt, some OASIS Strawberry Banana juice and finally Tropicana Lemonade. I feel terrible that I haven’t had a chance to share my meals this past week, but I started a new job with HBC on Monday and I’ve only had the time to plan, prep and eat my meals since my drive to Brampton is a bit of a road trip every morning lol… but I’m really hoping to make time starting next week to take pictures of my healthy breakfast and work meals.image


B R U N C H ; peach smoothie & avocado

avocado, brunch, smoothie


Avocados are considered a superfood… they have so many incredible health benefits even the kind of fat they contain helps with weight loss. As I mentioned in previous posts, there are so many different ways to use, prepare and eat this fruit. Have you ever tried avocado pudding? My family has been eating this stuff for years – so I had to share it with you. Unbelievably creamy and smooth, this avocado pudding is surprisingly filling as well.

Avocado Pudding

  • 4-5 fresh avocados
  • Milk – just enough to immerse the avocados
  • Sugar or Stevia- use at your own discretion, the more you use the sweeter it will be
  • *blend all ingredients until creamy smooth*

Experimenting with smoothies is something I truly enjoy – this peach smoothie was delightfully good considering it was the first time I used lemonade in the mix. The three main ingredients include 2 sliced fresh peaches, 2 tablespoons of plain 0% Greek yogurt and Tropicana lemonade to fill the serving. I will probably be making this smoothie quite a bit this summer… the perfect drink for a hot summers day.